Thursday, April 28, 2011

MArkvention #1: Babynator 5000

Since I'm lacking an Xbox I've decided to add to my typical post of weird game of the week with MArkventions, some humerous or slightly useful invention that I come up with during that day.

Today I've come up with a wonderful invention. It probably wouldn't work on the open market because some stupid activists would get horribly upset at the mere mention of a product like this. This would cause such an uproar it would be like if someone suggested that they stop manufacturing hybrid cars, or if the USA declared war on baby animals. Let's bomb those cute little buggers.
this cute baby kitten has a stuffed animal head on him

Okay, enough stalling, here is the greatest invention since bread. The Babynator 5000 is an at home, do-it-yourself abortion kit. It will cost less than $19.95 and will be effective on babylings up to 7 months old, which is one month longer than traditional baby-termination systems on the market today. The best part about this whole invention is that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be the spokesman for the Babynator 5000 and will say the greatest tag-line in the history of products. Enjoy the graphical representation of my advertisement.
arnold schwarzenegger would be the best spokesman for an abortion system since vince the shamwow guy
When the machine is effective it also has a tiny Schwarzenegger voice that says "hasta la vista, baby", and if the machine cannot terminate the babyling he says "I'll be back".

Well, that is my latest idea for a million dollar product that would incur $20 million in legal fees and lawsuits. I can just hear the lawyers that are suing me after they lose the first case "I'll be back".