Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring: Motorcycle Time

One of my favorite things to do since 6/29/2010 is ride a motorcycle. If you haven't ridden one before I would highly recommend that you do at some point. So, it's almost warm enough to get outside and ride my motorcycle. It would be time already if it weren't 40 degrees F outside. I've been waiting since early September to get back on my bike, and I can't wait another day. I've been doing some dreaming online recently and have come up with the 5 motorcycles I would own if I had $1 million US dollars (MArk's note: I already have $1 million Zimbabwe dollars). So here goes a list of the motorcycles in my mansion's garage. All prices are in US dollars though, so I have to wait until the Zimbabwean exchange rate hits 1:1.

Number 5: 2007 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R   0-60: under 3 seconds Top Speed:180mph  Price: $10,000 new or a 2007 for $5,000    -Insurance Note: Don't Insure the bike for much, it's the life insurance you want.
-This would be my ride when I wanted to go fast (but I'd never go over the speed limit mom). Probably to slice through rush hour traffic or carve up a mountain.
A Kawasaki Ninja zx-6r

Number 4: 197x Honda CB 350    0-60: doesn't matter        Price: $2000 for a nice one, $300 for a fixer
-My ride when I need to be stylin'. This is just a classic bike that looks great.
A 1970 Honda CB 350

Number 3: 2011 Triumph Thruxton  0-60: 4.9 seconds      Price: $8800 new
-When I need style and the CB is broken down. Side note: It's name will be "Thruxtor"
A Triumph Thruxton named Thruxtor

Number 2: 2011 Ducati Monster 796  0-60:  ~4 seconds   Price: $10,000 new or older used for ~$5,000
-I'd buy two, one to ride, and one to go in my living room as modern art
The awesome Ducati Monster 796

Number 1: 2004 Kawasaki Ninja 250r   0-60: ~5 seconds  Top Speed:93mph, or so I've heard(I've never been over 65 mom)  Price: $1,750 for a 2004 with 1,428 miles
A new 2011 model will set you back $3,999
-This bike has been my ride since 6/29/2010 and it'll probably have 50,000 miles on it before I buy any of these other bikes. (note: pictured isn't mine, it's mine's evil identical twin brother, Quincy)
Kawasaki Ninja 250r Motorcycle

Well, that's millionaire MArk's garage, 6 bikes for a total cost of $37,550 or I could leave out 1 of the Ducati's and the total would be $27,550. Thinking about it now, that isn't too much money, people usually spend about 3/4 of that on a single car and I'd have my 5 favorite bikes. Now all I have to do is move somewhere that's warm enough to ride all year and I'm set, and oh yeah, get the money too. 


  1. cant wait to get my bike outta the garage for spring. god i love spring, best time of the year!

  2. great stuff, you totally have my support.

  3. hey my BF has a bike too!

    I don't know how one, but it feels great to be on it :D

  4. Ugh, I wish it was warmer here too. It snowed again yesterday.