Friday, March 4, 2011

Scotty McCreery: What Have I Done???

So my last two (counting this = 3) posts about country music American Idol sensation Scotty McCreery while testing out my SEO knowledge have done quite well for me. How well you ask? Vegeta, what does the scouter say?
Scotty McCreery is over 9000

You might have to click and view this next one a little larger.
scotty mccreery has led many people to view my blog

So young Scotty has made it into the top 12 on American Idol, which means that I can expect this trend to maintain itself for the time being. I thought at maximum I would get 1-2 clicks from this Scotty McCreery stuff, but this is madness. Scottie's fans will continue to google his name and click on my images/posts, and if he keeps making it to the next round of American Idol, there will be more and more searches to accompany it, and I'll be right there to lure them into my Scotty McCreery fan page.

From just an 11 hour span today, 7 people have clicked to view my blog from a scotty mccreery related idol search. I never thought he would be this good to me. Scotty McCreery is my favorite country singer, right after that guy who sings that song about being American, drinking whiskey, and tractors. I know, that could be any of them. Lots of people see the next big country music star in Scotty McCreery, but all I can see is a big fat pile of cold hard cash. All I have to do to own that pile of greenbacks is fight off Simon Cowell and anyone else who owns American Idol.
This is the huge pile of cash Scottie McCreery and American Idol will make me


  1. I like $uper mario as well.

  2. Ehh... He's not my kind of musician.

    Then again, I'm not that fond of country.