Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Apple Stock and Broken Windows

Today wasn't my best day in the world of stock trading, so I've had to jump out a few windows. As many of you don't know, I'm a huge fan of Apple stock, I think they're basically going to the moon price-wise because they continue to gain market share on Microsoft in the PC game and they have the ability to create whole new markets with products like the ipod, iphone, ipad, and whatever else they can tac that i on. Sadly, today just wasn't Apple's or my day. Apple is now down about 4% today, and with it I'm down about $1000 it is down basically because of Japan and "Some stupid idiot that I hate had the nerve to downgrade it from "buy" to "Market Perform"". I hate that guy.

It's the first time I've been down this much money and it just kills me to see that red 4th digit on the daily P/L column of my account. I just would like to take some time and fantasize about what I'd do with the $1000 that I just lost. There, I thought about it, and I still think I'd use it to buy more Apple stock, looks like I'll never learn.

This is bad, but I'm not knocked out yet. I've still got my Apple stock and some options plus, the amount of money I've made off of Apple in the past takes away some of the horror. So I think I'm going to wait through this temporary storm and (hopefully) emerge from it making money, or at least not losing $1000.  I guess the moral of this story is that I hate that analyst guy and really, really, really want to see Apple stock going up tomorrow, friday, and every day for as long as I live(or own the stock).

If it goes down more tomorrow, you might not hear from me again because the windows already looking pretty tempting now. Sadly, not even my pajama-suit can repel losses of this magnitude.


  1. interesting post

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  2. that's the nature of the stock market. If there were no risks, there would be no gain

  3. moment killer. its just gonna mean appple stuff is gona go up in price.
    interestin story though followin for more

  4. Well that blows. Hopefully it will rebound quickly.

  5. I love what you've done with your blog, very interesting. :-)

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