Friday, February 11, 2011

Weird Game of the Week#7: Gamer Skill Test

This weeks weird game is brought to us by Jesus, the worlds finest agriculture management consultant. Before you go any further, check out the game or else you won't get the joke. Okay, that might not have been the game I was talking about.

  This is the real weird game of the week #7. This game is brought to us by Silly Bandz, the world leader in kids' 5-10 rubber wrist apparel. The whole purpose of this weeks game is to test how talented you are as a gamer through fast-changing mini-games. These games aren't explained beforehand and change rapidly so the first time you play through the game is your baseline gamer instinct. Subsequent plays will allow you to learn the games and get slightly better scores as well as a more accurate reading of your abilities. Here are my first 3 plays in order. Notice the explosive growth in all 3 sectors.

My first play-through score

my second play-through score

my third play-through score

Just for fun I tried one where I did nothing and let the game run through without hitting a button to see the minimum score. Other than the positioning score it destroyed my first time, meaning that I'm worse than someone who doesn't hit any buttons. 

the score when you don't hit any buttons


  1. I got 117 for total time, I didn't do very well. Most of them I was confused on what I was supposed to do and ended up failing.

  2. doesn't final fantasy or something incorporate those stat triangles as well?

  3. i was so confused. i never read instructions

  4. Hah I like it! thanks for posting this.

  5. Forgot one axis: capacity for addiction :)

  6. great game :D but I Fail at first try

  7. That looks like a very strange game, but has gotten my attention.

  8. very interesting, i enjoyed the post very much

  9. thank you for this game
    oh my god its amazing
    l dont even know if i won