Thursday, February 24, 2011

American Idol Roulette: Scotty McCreery

While watching the newest episode of American Idol for whatever reason I had, I remembered something I read on a blog some time ago. That is that somebody (me) should buy the domain names for American Idol contestants in the off chance that they strike it big and you own their .com name. First, the person I would bet on would  be Scotty McCreery, because he is a good ol' country boy who will probably sell millions of country records(because it's country music).While, I'm thinking about doing this because
a) It doesn't cost that much money ~$15
b) It wouldn't be that much work to basically copy and paste some stuff about them from around the net c) there could potentially be hundreds of thousands of views on that domain within the next few weeks as they perform and get voted off.

As we know, hundreds of thousands of views means $$$ but the downside is that I'd be risking $15 and a bit of time to make another site about Scotty McCreery. I really can't decide what I should do here, but here are some facts.
1. All the contestants are taken so what is left over are the lowerclass domains and misspellings
2. I'd only be looking at linking a blog type website to this domain so it'd be easy to create
3. It would give me a reason to watch American Idol
4. I could always make a fanpage and hope to get some crazy twilight-esque following

Of all the ideas I've come up with for making easy money, I think this is one of the stupidest, right behind animal shaped rubber-bands and bean-bag baby animals. Man, those ideas sucked when I had 'em back in '87 (I wasn't born yet). You might ask "Why would you bet on Scotty McCreery in this American Idol roulette?" Well, like everyone always says.... Always bet on black.
Scotty McCreery plays some good country music on American Idol
  This is just a little PR work I did for young Scottie. I think this will increase his singing abilities beyond any meer mortal. You're welcome Mr. McCreery.
Scotty McCreery playing some country music with his new moustache on American Idol
 That, my friends, is a moustache transplant from the great Burt Reynolds, which is what I feel will jumpstart his career in country music. To all of Scotty's fans, You're Welcome. Anyone think he looks infinitly creepier in the bottom one? I really need to get back to video gaming since all I'm doing for fun is messing up searches nowadays. If anyone actually looking for Scotty McCreery country music on American Idol sees this I'm going to die laughing.


  1. that's awesome, thanks for sharing. you always got my support bro.

  2. that moustache totally raises his street cred be .5 points

  3. Haha that mustache. I don't watch American Idol though.

  4. American idol is the plaque on America's teeth.

  5. Nice! Super cool blog and I suspect you live somewhere warm? ;-)

  6. they search for american idol
    they see this
    oh yes I'm going to die laughing too

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