Friday, February 4, 2011

How Do I Get A Hippopotamus To Commit Seppuku?

Right off the bat I'll sat that this post isn't about what you think it's about. In a roundabout way it is about getting your hippopotamus to commit seppuku, but there is a deeper theme to this post. Today I noticed that I've gotten some surprising links and google results for my blog.

I seem to have gotten a link from that 3 people have followed and 1 person has even managed to find me through a google search for aspca. Why did someone link to me from Was it because I've produced multiple secret weight-loss techniques, was it because I'm this blogs leading expert on the field of gravitational manipulation, or was it just some random link cycling through their link banner to try and gain search engine exposure? I'd bet on that last one. 

On the search results, I spent 15 minutes trying desperately to find my blog from an aspca google search. It isn't possible. I went through 49 pages and couldn't find it. So I limited my search to 1. Blogs 2. By Date 3. By specific time-frame I posted my post, and there I was at the bottom of page 9. I can't believe anyone found that. 

So the purpose of this post on the ancient Japanese ritual of the hippopotamus is to figure out whether or not I can easily become the top of the googs for any extremely unlikely phrase. That phrase, as you might have guessed, is the title of this post. This might be harder than it seems but I should commit myself to getting the results and later I can ask myself "How do I get this again?" I also have some (real) pictures of a hippo committing seppuku for your viewing pleasure. 3....2....1....
a hippopotamus committing seppuku
how did this hippo commit seppuku
This hippopotamus did commit seppuku
how did this happen to this lovely hippopotamus
Hippo Seppuku by MArk

It might take awhile for their system to update but have fun googling the title to see if I accomplished my goal of #1. 

Wow, I really need to get a new Xbox.


  1. I always have fun viewing the stats for my blog and you see some surprising search results that lead to it!

    Also I like your blog header!

  2. that sounds really funny when your in a crowd of people and some one says something like "i have found the cure for diabetes" then you can say who cares so what im number one on google for the phase "How Do I Get A Hippopotamus To Commit Seppuku?" people would find that more interesting im sure

  3. they thought they were googling "getting through life"

  4. I should see what lead to mine (lol, aspca)