Monday, February 21, 2011

Hippopotamus Seppuku, Hipster Moustaches, and Hard to Jump to Platforms

Todays post is about some stuff I've learned through creating my first website. It's also about how I hate it when video games include platforms that you need to go to, but are just right on the edge of your jumping range. It gets even worse when they string lines of these hard to reach platforms, I hate it. That's enough about platforms, what this post is really about is some tips to help your blog and some cool technologies that Google provides us web-people. Okay, there's a break here so my front page isn't covered in massive images.

Gaming Through Life web search stats

This first picture is about the Google Webmasters tools. If you don't have them, I highly recommend that you get it because not only is it really fun to see what your blog is doing in searches, but it can be extremely useful too. This particular tool shows me that on February 16th, my blog had about 250 impressions through the search engine. Only <10 (2 to be exact) people clicked on my page, but at least I had a shot at 250.
gaming through life keywords

This is a nice bit of information to have if you want to get your blog ranked well in the search. First you would decide which term or terms you want to be ranked for, then you try and repeat that term a lot in different combinations of words. But, it doesn't just stop there, you have to hit it from multiple angles, post titles factor in more than just a random mention in a page, labels are nice, bold tags work too, image alt tags are sweet because most people don't add them so you will rank high in images(I'm #1 when you image search "lightning reflex" on google)

For example when you Google image search seppuku my hippopotamus seppuku image is towards the bottom of page 2, which is okay considering it's not related to the search at all. However, when you sort by size Large, which people do when searching for quality images(totally bragging here), I am #12.

This is all well and good you say, but how does it affect me. It's all a numbers game. Let's say I get 250 search impressions a day and 2 clicks to go to my pages(a 0.8% click rate). While, that means a minimum of 2 views from search per day x 30 = 60/month  x  12  = 720/year assuming they each only view 1 page on my site. I don't know what kind of CPM you get, but that could be a meal at a fancy restaurant, like McDonalds.

Now, you must be saying 720/year, that is nothing, I get 720/day. Well okay Mr. Bigshot, but it's not about the 720/year, it's about the possibility that they view more than that first page, the possibility that they become a subscriber, a follower, a compulsive ad clicker. The biggest bonus of this as far as I;m concerned is that it requires little to no effort on your part, just try to create slightly more descriptive titles(not too long though) and labels, and add an alt tag to each image. Maybe a 5 minute job max per post.

********I should note that I finished this SEO book right before I posted the Hippopotamus Seppuku post. So my efforts are limited to 7 posts on my 3 month old potty-training blog, and that's what those numbers are based on. It's only the beginning and I already get ~2 views/day from random searches.

*Google Analytics is even cooler, though I think you need your own domain name for that.

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  1. hehe I'm on first page of google for vidya games lol :P