Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gaming Through Super Bowl XLV

Here at Gaming Through Life we (I) take pride in our (my) ability to create games out of everything. One of those things is watching TV, which I have mastered through one of my many (267) doctoral degrees from MIT.
MArk's MIT Doctorate for TV watching
Some of the games that I am about to invent might be hard to play because they will take massive amounts of calculation and/or a clicky counter machine. 

1. Name Game - Bet on which players name will be said the most times during the broadcast

2. Stats Game - Keep track of the number of times the announcers mention practically meaningless stats. Example = "Well Madden, did you know that Rothesliberger had licked his hand an average of 47 times in the first half and has only done it 9 times since the Black Eyed Peas assaulted his eardrums"

3. Replay Challenge Game - At the start of a Coaches Challenge, each player picks a number of times that they think the play in question will be replayed for your viewing pleasure. The person who is closest to the actual number wins $7 million. (Smart money's on 8) You can also bet on the number of unique camera angles they will use. (I'd go with 4)

4. Commercial Challenge - Before a commercial break starts, each player selects which commercial they think will appear first, your choices are 1. a Soda/Pop ad 2. a Beer ad 3. a Car ad or 4. a Website ad. I'm pretty sure this is an even odds bet across all 4 contenders. Bonus points if you select the correct brand/company in your category.

5. The Real Superbowl Winner Game - While not as fun as the other games this one is pretty simple. You guess on the team that wins, who is the true winner of the game, i.e. the player who won a Superbowl Ring with the least amount of effort. Will it be the kicker who only had to kick 3 extra points, will it be the backup offensive guard, will it be the injured running back, could it be the punter, nobody knows who will be this years LWP (Least Working Player). Bonus if the player you selected hasn't done anything all season and still gets to 'put a ring on it'.

Let's not forget about the True Super Bowl winners, the network that gets 100 million viewers for 4 hours at $3 million per commercial. That is like being able to print money on paper you got for free. Stay Classy San Diego.


  1. Haha, let's hope those 100 million viewers (including me) get a fantastic game today!

  2. not going to be watching it :/ lol

  3. nice one man thats a good idea

  4. play this with beer and ur on to a winner!

  5. The name game might be hard to play, I can never catch wtf the announcers are saying.