Saturday, January 15, 2011

Xbox Update + Weird Game of the Week #4: Finding a Magic Spell That Works

So far it's not looking good for my xbox. I've given him 60cc of morphine, 12g of tylenol, and 3 purification spells(have fun on that website). The patient hasn't responded to any of the treatments and I'm wondering if it could have lupus.

Thank you doctor House, now where was I, oh yes, I am going to try some more treatments in the next few days but I've pretty much lost all hope. I think my best option is to direct my newfound magic powers to conjure up millions of dollars and curse everyone involved with Microsoft. I'll still mess with the shell according to the poll but at this point I'm almost stuck buying a new one.
In the meantime check out a few more spells 

Death by Ice (be careful, it could backfire)

Nose Cripple Curse (good luck finding the first ingredient)

Summon the Angel of Death (I always take my magic advice from someone who can't spell. Also, "dont mess up because there is consequents".

Fist of Vengence (seems like it should be more of a melee attack)

Dragon Cash Spell (I can't make this stuff up)

Cure Swine Flu Angel Spell (I don't know why healthcare's so expensive when this is all you need)

Control Your Mobile Phone Bill (I don't even)

Football Spell (This spell seems to be a little biased)

Summon a Cool Breeze (This is only here because I found it under black magick, weird.)

I just spent way too much time on that website.


  1. RIP
    it's a good thing RR is on extended warrenty. I had myne replaced the first time. Standard arcade first gen xbox FTL.

  2. Sucks about the xbox, pc is pretty much win.

  3. Nooo, Xbox, nooo ):

    Follow me back if you can. :p

  4. have you prayed. god sorts out alot of stuff for me

  5. hahaha, you should have got a fan. That's what you get for making fun of mine!