Sunday, January 30, 2011

Van Gogh Xbox Complete

So I have finally finished the world's first Van Gogh Xbox and I guess it's good enough to share, but first some things I've learned through all my endeavors. You will probably skip to the pictures and not even read this sentence.

1. Paint it all in one day. I know this might seem like a huge task but you will thank yourself because you won't have to mix paints 3000 times trying to match the color you had yesterday. The result is that it won't match and you will have to scrape off and repaint the whole section.

2. Make sure to get a yellow, blue, and a red paint. As I learned these are the primary colors and allow you to mix any color you want. I didn't know this and thought "There's no red in this painting, why would I need that?" Also, black and brown don't come in that handy since everything you add it to just changes to black, it doesn't darken the color at all.

3. Get multiple brush sizes. That brush down there might look tiny, but when you're trying to paint something meant for a 3 foot canvas on an 9 x 11 inch Xbox it isn't. A smaller brush would have come in handy.

4. Know something about art. This will come in handy at all steps and might even make your painting look good.

6. Never sell your painting because when you die the price will skyrocket..

7. ???????

8. Profit.

So here goes unveiling my masterpiece after the break......

Here is the original by Van Gogh
Van Gogh Starry Night painting

And here is what $3.42 gets you these days

The supplies I used to create my Xbox Van Gogh

And, drumroll please, is my brand old Xbox.....

A Van Gogh painted on my Xbox

My brand new Van Gogh Xbox

Starry Night painted on my Xbox 360

I know, I didn't put it back together all the way because I couldn't fix the Xbox and I'll probably have to buy a new one. But first I'll take a break and play some video gam-oh this sucks.

The Trailer Park Art Forgery Challenge:

If you think this sucks then go spend under $5 and challenge me with your own masterpiece. 
I seriously want to see more of these trailer park quality art forgeries.


  1. Oh my.....that looks awesome man. You painted right onto the xbox, right? I want something like this on my xbox.

  2. hahah wow man, can believe some one would be patient enough to paint that, let alone paint it on to a xbox. good job. you are a god amongst mere mortals

  3. Wow that looks really GOOD, I know I suck at drawing/painting,etc so I really appreciate the skill and talent of artists! amazing.


    starcraft 2 blog:

  5. i really really like it, even though i think the sky is too bright

  6. Trailer park quality indeed, man :D
    This is pretty cool. You didn't QUITE get the feeling of the original, but it's close enough.

    I'll be following you.

  7. lol thats awesome man, great job on the painting also

  8. thats awesome now time to steal the real painting and hang your xbox in its place now one would never realize

  9. great job bro , i have a ps3 that all i can say is r.i.p. (ylod) maybe i'll try same of this on it thanks now i know what to do with it

  10. That's pretty radical, if I do say so myself

  11. Pretty damn good dude. Shit on most other box mods!

  12. Wait what? You did that? That's awesome!

    And you're right I tried to scroll down to view the pictures but you concealed them with a link.
    Thank You Mario! But our princess is in another post!