Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fixing Xbox and New Poll

Turns out my Xbox isn't under warranty anymore and it almost wasn't covered last time it went red, about 2 years ago. So that leads me to try and fix it myself using nothing but my doctorate in Xbox fixing from M.I.T.(see photos) and my MacGruber toolset. While taking off the case it occurred to me that, since I had already voided the warranty, and broken a plastic tab, that I should repaint the case after fixing it to make it look awesome.

My point with this is I need help deciding how to paint the case so there is a poll to the right and any good suggestions might get added to the poll. In one week I start painting regardless of whether it's fixed or not so I guess you should vote.

After the break, Tons of Pictures....

-I know what you're thinking, but MIT refuses to use any font other than comic sans on their diplomas. They say a different font would make the diploma look unprofessional.

MArk's xbox fixing degree

Some examples:

1. Steven Seagal Themed Xbox
2. Van Gogh Starry Night(I'll Try My best)
3. Spongebob Squarepants Theme

And Finally,
4. PS 3


  1. looking forward to the xbox in disguise as a ps3. would be brilliant

  2. You could paint it to look like the inside of the xbox, giving it the 'window' effect.

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  4. Get a Ps3 man.

    I've had 2 360's rrod on me already, i've had enough, im getting a ps3 now.

  5. be a tough guy go with the hello kitty

  6. you have to do the ps3 disguise, that would be classic

  7. am i the only one thinking sponge bob?

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  9. I would love to see you pull off Van Gogh. I don't even know how you would do that.