Wednesday, January 19, 2011

12 Hours Left On The Poll!!!

There's not much time left on the poll, and Van Gogh is in the lead with 9 votes while all the other options have just 3 votes each.

Now would be the time to vote if you haven't already.

This might be time for me to brush up on my art techniques(pun intended) before I forge a Van Gogh on an Xbox.

Here is a small sample of my other works so you know what you've gotten me into...

"I enjoy the forced perspective and brilliant depth of brush strokes on the canine model, which symbolizes the stagnant decline of todays youth." - P. Diddy
"The brilliant use of lighting on this self portrait makes it one for the ages." - Abraham Lincoln

That last one sold for 12.7mil at auction last month. Apparently Stevie Wonder really enjoys my artwork.

Well, get to voting and I'll start thinking about how I'm going to pull this off.