Saturday, December 4, 2010


Recently started playing Borderlands with my roommate. The game started out being pretty hard and we wound up dying frequently but after we leveled up a couple of times and got our strategy down we started to dominate. The game has gotten pretty boring and I'm guessing that soon we'll have to increase the difficulty if we're going to continue.

This leads me to my point. Why do video games only have a set number of difficulty levels? Most times there are the standard easy, medium, hard, and insane but why can't there be even more? I know it would take time if they were going to increase the number of guys each level, but they don't have to. All they have to do is allow you to set the hit points of the enemies or the accuracy that they'll have. If they did this, a game could potentially be unbeatable by even the best players. I thought of this because the most fun I always have with games is when I have to struggle to beat a level seemingly hundreds of times before
I have that one beautiful moment of victory. Thanks for reading.


  1. i fucking loved borderlands, probly the one of the best games ive played all this year. had a really good time. lotsa extra things u can do.

  2. Yeah, I wish they made more games like borderlands. I think Fallout or Oblivion would have been more absolutely godlike if they made a co-op

  3. I was under the impression Borderlands used a dynamic difficulty setting (adjusting enemy levels/accuracy/weapons/damage) but I may be wrong.